Makeup remover pillow

Wake up Makeup-less

Getting ready for bed can be the most exhausting part of your day. Especially when you have to remove a day’s worth of makeup and grime. Don’t you wish you could just fastword to sleepy time? Well, stress no more, the Pore Pillow removes your makeup. While. You. Sleep. Yes! Wake up Makeup-less.

How it works

Our soft and luscious pillow comes with a set of 25 pillow cases, each infused with a gentle, cleansing makeup remover solution. A night of tossing and turning helps to carefully scrub and exfoliate your pores as you sleep. Wake up the next day refreshed, rejuvenated and makeup free! Simply remove your used pillow case and place a new one on for another cleansing night’s sleep.

Makeup - Free Guarantee

The Pore Pillow has a Makeup-Free Guarantee. If you wake up looking like hot mess instead of a princess, please send back your pillow for a full refund. 

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